Which Are The Top MS Universities In The USA?

Did you know that 150 Universities from the USA rank globally out of which 30 universities are among the top 100? The ever growing economy of the country is credited to the innovative thinking and thought leaders produced within the walls of its academic institutions.

This article lists the top MS universities in the USA, top universities in USA for MS, best universities in USA for MS where you could enroll in with scholarships.

Columbia University: Rank #19 for MS in the USA

Columbia university ranks among one of the top MS universities in the USA. The top courses of the institute include business management, social sciences, humanities engineering and technology among others. Founded in 1754, Columbia is the fifth oldest university in the USA. Offering three graduate schools a world reputed medical school and thirteen graduate and professional schools.

Columbia University, apart from being distinguished in its history and academics is also well known to offer work opportunities to students. The institute provides ample work-study programs, part-time jobs and internships.

The university encourages students to dedicate maximum efforts in developing an all rounded career through its rigorous curriculum. In addition to that, Columbia University also offers scholarships to both its international students and domestic students. Columbia is one of the top universities in the USA that offer scholarships to students on a need basis.

Famous Scholarships offered by Columbia University are:

Helen Lansdowne Resor Scholarship — offering 10,000 USD to female candidates wanting to pursue MS in business, management and architecture. This scholarship is need based and offered to talented and female students who have demonstrated a high calibre.

Business Studies Scholarships

This is also a merit based scholarship upto 2,000 USD, provided by Columbia University that does not require an application to be submitted. However, the candidate applying must demonstrate excellent academic potential. Students wanting to commence studies in commerce, management and marketing are eligible for this internal scholarship.

University of Chicago: Rank #10 for MS in USA

Founded in the year 1890, University of Chicago is the oldest and within the top 10 universities in the USA for MS. The university offers more than 50 courses to students for their MS. The top courses include law, medicine, finance, biological sciences and economics. The few named courses offered by University of Chicago are renowned internationally and are the reason for the institute ranking among top MS universities in the USA. University of Chicago throughout the years of its existence has produced over 90 nobel prize recipients.

The university focuses on a well-rounded education and organises communities such as societies and clubs. Communities come together to discuss and contribute perspectives in subjects like academics, political science, sports etc. This gives students the opportunity to grasp knowledge and understanding of their subjects of interest, helping them to reach a position where they can contribute to society.

University of Chicago also provides its students with need based and merit based scholarships. The institute also offers financial aid and support to students through a wide range of grants such as:

UChicago Stand Together Scholarship

The institute believes in investing in students with an aim to mould them into well-educated global leaders. With the coronavirus pandemic of 2020, the university also observed deepened inequities of the society and decided to offer $15M in scholarships to emerging students from all backgrounds.

Odyssey Scholarships

University of Chicago is among the Top MS universities in the USA because of their vision to develop world class readers aware of their potential. Odyssey scholarship programs offer students based on their financial need. Odyssey scholars are chosen from applicants from the low income group who are the first in their family to attend college.

Odyssey Internship Program, which is a part of Odyssey Scholarships that offers its scholars a full funded internship at Metcalf or a research opportunity in the industry at the end of their course.

Looking for top MS universities in the USA and worried about financial support? Unischolarz offers a range of scholarships based on need or merit. Additionally, the institute also provides country-specific scholarships, student and college specific scholarships.

Carnegie Mellon University — Rank #58 for MS in the USA

This global research institute located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania was established in 1967. The university offers courses in subjects such as medicine, science-humanities, engineering, computer science to name a few. The university holds 15,000 students from all around the world — approximately 110 countries.

This institute requires a verbal and quantitative minimum score of 159 in GRE and an IELTS score of 7.5.

The top us universities for MS offers scholarships and fellowships to international students such as:

Albright Institute Fellowship

This scholarship can be gained by up to 32 students studying in the field of archeology.

AAMC Finance Your Medical Education

A series of student loan and support offered by the university to help gain students financial stability throughout their course of study. Students are expected to themselves updated with the deadlines of the application as it may vary.

Alternatively, students can also search for a specific scholarship based on their subject and field. The university offers more than 30 types of scholarships to international students.

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