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4 min readApr 6, 2021

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Welcome to the new way of searching, identifying and securing international scholarships. Here at UniScholarz, we are committed to providing you with the best of international scholarship on a platter. Whether you are looking for a Bachelor’s, Master’s or PhD scholarship, you can find all that and more on the UniScholarz platform. Let’s take a look at what UniScholarz is all about.

What Is UniScholarz?

Simply put, UniScholarz is an online scholarship marketplace. On UniScholarz, you can find the most popular international scholarships in the world listed in one place. With over 300+ scholarships to choose from, you can apply to any scholarship you like, free of charge!

UniScholarz aims to help students primarily through three avenues –

  • UniAcco/UniCreds sponsored scholarships.
  • Scholarships through our partners.
  • Institutional/University sponsored scholarships.

The underlying goal of UniScholarz is much more profound than just being an online scholarship marketplace. Apart from scholarship, you can also find assistance with your student accommodation and student loans needs via UniScholarz. Simply head over to UniAcco and UniCreds to know more. We aspire to be a one-stop shop for all international students headed abroad for higher education.

What Are The Different Types Of Scholarships Available On UniScholarz?

UniScholarz is all about providing students with a wide range of scholarship categories. Here are the types of scholarships students can expect to find on our platform –

Merit-based scholarships: These scholarships are intended to uplift students who excel in academics, or any other merit like sports or extracurricular activities.

Need-based scholarships: We believe that nothing should be a hurdle in the way of education, hence these scholarships help students from low-income backgrounds.

Country-specific scholarships: These scholarships help in bringing a more diverse and inclusive student demographic to universities across the globe.

College-specific scholarships: These scholarships assist students in studying at their respective universities.

Student-specific scholarships: These scholarships are especially made for under-represented populations, particularly women and minorities, who wish to study abroad.

How It Works

Transparency and simplicity are what UniScholarz is built upon. Being an extensive scholarship marketplace, we strive to help students subsidize the cost of studying abroad by giving them access to some of the most popular scholarships in the world. If you are interested in getting a scholarship on the UniScholarz website, here’s how you do it –

Let us know you

Enter basic information like Name, Email ID, Contact Number, Target Course, Target University and Target Country. If you are not sure about your course or university, no problem! Simply click on the “not decided” option and proceed further.

Explore scholarships

Our data science technology will prompt the most suitable scholarships for you based on your profile. If you are not satisfied with the scholarships presented to you, no problem! You still have the option of searching alternative scholarships by using the search bar.

Apply for free

Once you have shortlisted your ideal scholarship(s), you can apply without spending any money! Expect a confirmation from UniScholarz for every successful application.

Get selected

Winners of scholarships will be notified via the contact details submitted to UniScholarz.

And that’s it! It’s that simple!

Make sure to check out the UniScholarz website today and apply for your ideal scholarship before the deadline!

Documents Required

As mentioned earlier, UniScholarz is an online scholarship marketplace where students can find thousands of scholarship programs from our partners, private corporations and educational institutions. Since there is a huge variety of scholarships available on the UniScholarz platform, the application process will vary across scholarships.

However, when it comes to documentation, the following will be required –

  • Attested copies of the mark sheets of all years of the undergraduate study and post-graduate study, if any.
  • Attested copies of scorecards of any qualifying examination taken. (E.g. GRE, GMAT, CAT, GATE, etc.)
  • Acceptance letter with the fee structure.
  • Reference letters.
  • Any document indicating an award of any other funding, scholarship, fee waiver, etc.
  • Latest Income Tax Returns of parents.
  • Attested copy of the passport.

The UniAcco Fly High Scholarship

This is not our first experience with scholarships. Back in 2020, UniAcco launched a resoundingly successful scholarship programme called the UniAcco Fly High Scholarship. The purpose of this scholarship was to honour and reward students who wish to pursue higher education in the United Kingdom. This scholarship was also meant to encourage dedicated and enthusiastic students to achieve their dreams of studying abroad by alleviating the financial burden.

The scholarship was divided into three categories namely –

Responsible Leader — We offered 2 scholarships worth £1000 each to a student who dedicatedly worked towards improving the environment or supported a noble social cause or worked to ensure better governance.

Passionate Scholar — We offered 4 scholarships worth £750 each to students who either demonstrated academic excellence or worked dedicatedly to achieve significant honors at major forums in their respective fields of study.

All Rounder — We offered 2 scholarships worth £750 each to students who put in strong efforts to develop a holistic profile.

This year, the aforementioned categories will be transformed into independent scholarships so that more students can apply for a larger prize pool.




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