The Easiest Scholarships For International Students

4 min readApr 24, 2021

Scholarships today are pathways to fulfilling major dreams of many students. Students have their main focus on getting the best possible education at affordable rates. Scholarships facilitate this opportunity and enable the students to achieve their goals. Moreover, the scholarships for international students have different criteria of being offered. It could either be merit based, need based, destination based, student based, or subject based. Scholarships could either be Government funded or provided by Universities/colleges. These study abroad scholarships help fund the tuition fees as well as their stay, health and other requirements. Unischolarz has put across some of the easily accessible scholarships for international students.

Fulbright Scholarships | Scholarships For International Students

Fulbright Scholarship is a US based scholarship for international students available across 155 countries. This scholarship is awarded to over 4000 students every year. Students who qualify for a Fulbright Scholarship get most of their expenses covered including tuition fees, living expenses, as well as travel expenses. It is available to students, artists, and professionals from all fields of study except medicine. The eligibility criteria for availing this merit-based scholarship for international students varies from country to country. Applications for this scholarship program are released annually.

Chevening Scholarships | Scholarships For International Students

Chevening is a UK based scholarship for international students. The British embassies personally select the recipients of this scholarship from different countries. The primary purpose of this scholarship program is to develop global leaders, influencers and professionals from all over the world. Since its inception, this program has supported over 55,000 professionals to evolve. The number of scholarships under this program vary from country to country. A Chevening Scholarship normally covers university tuition fees, a monthly living allowance, an economy class return airfare to the UK, and additional grants and allowances to cover essential expenditure. Their program provides undergraduate scholarships for international students. Students, however, are required to fit into the eligibility criteria for receiving this scholarship.

Australia Awards Scholarships | Scholarships For International Students

Australia Awards Scholarships are short-term scholarships for students who wish to pursue their further studies in Australia. They are one of the most sought after international scholarships. They provide opportunities to citizens from Asia, the Pacific, the Middle East and Africa, for full-time undergraduate or postgraduate study at Australian institutions. Their main focus is towards individuals from over 20 developing countries. Applicants who want to accept an Australia Awards Scholarship need to sign a contract with the Commonwealth of Australia declaring that they will comply with the conditions of the scholarship. This scholarship covers full tuition fees, provides for a return air-travel, contributes towards living expenses and establishment allowances.

Eiffel Excellence Scholarship Programme | Scholarships For International Students

The Eiffel Scholarship Programme is provided by the French Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs. This is to attract international students who wish to pursue diploma programs at Master’s and PhD levels at French educational institutions. The scholarship is available for four main fields — Law studies, Economics and management, Political sciences, Engineering sciences at the master’s level, Pure sciences at the Ph.D. level. A monthly allowance is given to the students covering their maintenance expenses with some bonus stipend. In addition to that, benefits regarding local, national and international transport are covered. Health insurance by Campus France and expenses for cultural activities will be taken care of.

Gates Cambridge Scholarship | Scholarships For International Students

The Gates Cambridge Scholarship established as a result of a donation by the Gates Foundation to the University of Cambridge. This program provides full scholarships for international students who wish to pursue their postgraduate studies from Cambridge University. The eligibility criteria for this scholarship includes an outstanding intellectual ability, a strong leadership potential, and a commitment to improving the lives of others. The whole idea of this scholarship is towards facilitating community building at and beyond Cambridge. This scholarship is the University’s most prestigious program offered to postgraduate students.

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