Step By Step Guide To Do A Research Project

Your thesis is very important, to begin you will need to first come up with a suitable topic. A topic is very the starting point of your research project. But before understanding that, know that a research project means you must aim to provide answers to the various research questions by presenting an in-depth study of the chosen topic. Most students are required to do their research projects as a part of their master’s programme or a doctoral degree. and get a top-notch thesis paper ready; make sure you read this blog thoroughly.

Selection Of The Topic

The selection of the topic decides how well you will ace your thesis project. The selection should be done entirely based on your interest. Because, if the topic does not interest you, you will not be able to dedicatedly work towards it. Research through the recent studies and works that have taken place in your selected domain and find the perfect topic that you are inclined towards. The reason why you need to choose a topic of your passion is because it will help you later when you face any kind of challenges and hurdles during the research process.

Find A Guide

A thesis guide is your next and crucial step. Find one so that they mentor you throughout your journey. It will make the process much easier. Supervisors or guides are usually your university professors and scholars in that field who can guide you and answer your queries. They will help you get familiar with the topic and various research methodologies. Therefore choosing a knowledgeable supervisor in your specific field is essential. The guide also reviews your work and tells you where you need improvement.

Secondary Research Is Crucial

A lot of times we are so consumed with the primary research, that we end up overlooking secondary research. You must have a good grasp of the studies done on your topic and read through the contemporary work. This will help you fill the gaps amidst your research project. Invest your time in reading and catering information from published sources and papers. Do it very diligently. When you read through a lot of secondary research it helps your knowledge about the topic; hence making you confident about what you are working on. When you are confident about your topic only then you will be able to produce a top-notch research paper.

Locate Primary Sources & Analyse It

The backbone of your research is all the primary data you can collect. Check for primary sources in various archives and libraries depending on your field. Primary sources can also be found through related topics, so make sure you skim through them very intently. Note down all your findings and prepare a rough draft of just the main research. Analyse and edit it before drafting your paper.

Start Drafting Your Research Paper

Whatever notes that you have written down before from your primary and secondary sources, it’s time to make use of them. Note that you require many changes and multiple drafts before you come up with a final draft or a paper that is worthy of commendation. Throughout the process of creating drafts, keep your thesis guide in the loop. Let them review your paper and note down their feedback and suggestions. Any corrections or doubts that they suggest; work on them vigorously as it will only contribute to the growth of your final paper.

Put Correct Citations

Citations make your content authentic and well researched. Make sure you cite every book, paper, website, or e-book that you have referred to in this entire process. Because if you fail to do so, the research content can be marked as plagiarized. You must know that universities take plagiarism very seriously. This can make or break your thesis paper. Alongside, know the proper way to site your project. The research paper guidelines will mention which citation style you must follow. Do it in that style only and if you don’t understand it properly, take the help of your guide in citations and sources you require in your project.

Proofread Your Paper

The final stage is proofreading. You cannot skip this step whatsoever. Spelling, grammar, or punctuation errors are inevitable in a lengthy paper. Check it multiple times. Because you never know, each time you will end up finding a new mistake. Re-reading will only help make it rich.

Now that you know the entire process of writing a research paper, let’s check out some tips and tricks that can help you in the process.

Tips & Tricks For Doing A Research Project

  • Prepare a schedule mapping every step of your process and adhere to them diligently
  • Research your topic offline and understand different perspectives and explore.
  • List down all your primary and secondary sources that will help your citations at the end of your research.
  • Keep a separate note of ideas and innovative findings that can be used at important parts of your project.
  • Stay in touch with your thesis guide throughout the journey. They are the key to help you tackle challenges and hurdles.

Good luck!



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