MBBS in Canada for Indian Students

Canada is one of the favourite countries to study Medicine in, especially for Indian students. The country is home to some of the top medical schools from across the globe such as University of Toronto, McGill University, University of British Columbia just to name a few. MBBS in Canada for Indian students is no less than a dream because of the high quality of medical-education in the country.

MBBS Costs

The cost of studying MBBS in Canada and to gain a degree in medicine can be exorbitant.

An MBBS degree from a world class university in Canada may range from Rs. 23,17,089 per year to 51,35,655 per year. For example: Bachelor’s in Medical Laboratory Science lasts for 2 years whereas B.Sc. in Nutrition lasts up to 4 years.

However, these costs can be cut and Indian candidates applying to various universities across Canada can apply for scholarships and bursaries. This is because Canada over the past 2 years has encouraged a skilled workforce and allowed academically qualified and rigorous candidates to join its workforce. There are a number of ways to hack into the high-cost requirements of MBBS in Canada for Indian students.

MBBS Scholarships

UniScholarz provides a range of bursaries and scholarships that may aid you financially by giving you a wide range of scholarships to choose from — starting from student specific scholarships such as merit based scholarships and need based scholarships ranging till country specific scholarships.

In addition to scholarships offered by Unischolarz, there are a number of government-funded and non-government funded scholarships such as Canadian Rhodes Scholars Foundation Scholarship, Dr. John E Bradley Scholarship, Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship to name a few. These scholarships are available for MBBS in Canada for Indian students and are offered on merit.

MBBS Funding

UniCreds is a one-stop-shop for all concerns relating to study abroad loans. This platform brings together loan providers such as HDFC Credila, Axis Bank, ICICI Bank and aspiring young minds who wish to gain financial support in their journey to succeed in life. This financial institution is secure, transparent and hassle-free kudos to a team of professional education loan counsellors.

Without a strong financial foundation, studying MBBS in Canada for Indian students would be unachievable. It is for this reason that funding for MBBS in Canada for Indian students has rather become a challenge that can now be overcome.

In order to study MBBS in Canada for Indian students, the processes of researching, implementing and executing all go hand in hand. While the burden of merit lies on the student itself; institutions like UniScholarz and UniCredz have made it to share the burden of funding for MBBS in Canada for Indian Students and reducing costs and complexities.

The eligibility for scholarships, more often than not, depends on the candidate’s merit or need and varies across universities and colleges.

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