How To Deal With Anxiety When Abroad

4 min readOct 19, 2021


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This story is for you if you’ve ever desired to see more of the world and enjoy a different way of life but are afraid about dealing with anxiety while travelling or settling into a new culture. The purpose of this blog post is to assist anyone who is looking for motivation to study overseas or who is concerned about their plans to leave their home in the future.

In addition, if you’ve already decided to move abroad (which is a fantastic decision), and you’re feeling homesick, scared, or unsure about your choice, I hope this piece will be of assistance. I hope you find my top six tips for dealing with anxiety while travelling to be helpful!

Anxiety Is Okay!

Remember that everyone feels anxiety sometimes. Anxiety affects a lot of people, and it’s perfectly normal. Having the correct amount of nerves can help us perform better. When we feel frightened, terrified, or worried about things that don’t justify that response, or when we have “just so many” nerves and are overburdened, that’s what we call “anxiety” problems these days. A change of environment and exposure to a new culture will almost certainly elicit that response, so don’t be shocked if you start to feel this way as you get closer to your trip or once you arrive.

Anxiety Can Be Helpful

To avoid delving too deeply into the science of anxiety (for more information, watch the show on Netflix “The Mind Explained- Anxiety”), it is just our body’s attempt to protect us from danger. Once you recognise this, you’ll be able to be more sympathetic with yourself if you’re worried about something. When you’re travelling abroad, bear this in mind: Is it the country that’s making you feel this way, or would you feel the same way anywhere you go?

Start With Small Goals — One Day At A Time

Small goals help you ease your stress because then you don’t worry about what has to be done 15 days down the road or what you must achieve in 1 year. The pressure is off your shoulder. You must take one day at a time to have a feeling of accomplishment with every passing day. You might not succeed some days but that does not mean you are any less of a person. Wake up every day and try setting goals for yourself. And lastly, be kind to yourself because you are doing the best you can.

Do Things You Are Familiar With

Familiarity helps you with lessening anxiety. When you are familiar with something, you don’t sweat it and get anxious. Try including things in your schedule abroad that you are familiar with and have been practising while being in your home country. One such example is a morning run, hitting the gym, going to a library, or doing a job that you know you would like. Little things can make a big difference in the long run.

Keep In Touch With People From Your Home

Interacting with friends and family back home can be beneficial when feelings of apprehension arise while travelling. Get Whatsapp or another messaging programme that will allow you to communicate with the folks you’re missing. Tell friends you miss them, keep them up to date on what you’re up to, and enjoy the fact that you can communicate with each other from all over the world. When you’re gone, hearing loved ones’ voices and even seeing them on your phone is a wonderful thing to have, and everyone should make use of it.

Get Involved

While keeping in touch with people and involving them in your vacation is important, one of the easiest ways to feel more at ease is to do as the locals do; after all, travelling overseas is supposed to be a learning experience.

Participate in student clubs, try to network with others, and form a group to do activities with. Try to find students who live in that nation and get a true sense of what it’s like to be a student there.


Overall, travelling overseas can be frightening and unsettling, and it may appear that staying at home would be easier and simpler. It is true that staying at home and doing what you know is easier, but this does not allow progression.

It’s difficult to jump into a new way of life, but the rewards begin to appear soon after you arrive. Keep these points in mind when you want to go away, have fun, and remember that not everyone has the opportunity to do so. Take advantage of the strengths and opportunities that your journey provides.




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