Guide To Study MS In The USA

The United States of America is characterized by its ability to attract and nurture professionals from all academic backgrounds to contribute to its ever-growing economy. The country is widely known for its world-beating education system and top-class facilities. Advancement in technology, cultural diversity and dynamic economy has made the USA an indispensable destination that is home for knowledge and growth. As a result of its rich academics, it is a tough competitor in education to countries such as the United Kingdom, Russia, Europe and China. USA is more commonly known for its tertiary education such as Masters, PhD and MBA. So, If want to study MS in the USA, you’re likely to research about how you will fund your course, the university tuition fee and visa requirements. This article will be your guide to studying MS in the USA.

But before you go ahead, have you thought about which course you want to study? If not, we’ve got you covered.

Here is a list of courses that are accepted all around the world and can help you get into you the profession you desire.

What are the Top Courses to Study MS in USA?

Computer Science

This subject offers a number of specializations such as Information Systems, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Human-Computer Interaction, Software Systems, Data Mining, Robotics, Scientific Computing just to name a few. Students can specialize in the subject that interests them the most. In 2021, computer science graduates are increasing in number because of the high demand of professionals in the field.


The best finance courses in USA have an approximate duration of 10–24 months. Students wanting to kick start their career in professions such as investment banking, corporate financing, economics and financial modeling must definitely look at studying finance for their MS in USA.


The leading capitalist country in the world also produces great marketers apart from great products. The need for marketing has grown phenomenally in the recent past. Marketing is for students that are excited about joining a creative field that involves advertising, promotion, client relations and designing websites.

Data Analytics

Data is 2021 has become a currency for information exchange and there is no denying the power of data. Unlike other subjects, in order to pursue Data Analytics for your MS in USA, students must possess a bachelor’s degree in computer science, economics or mathematics whichever is the most closely related to the subject you choose. LinkedIn ranked data scientists as the most promising job of 2019 in the USA.

Best Universities for MS in USA and Tuition Fees

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

MIT is famous for its state-of-art facilities and highly qualified faculty. The institute is best known for courses in computer science and engineering. The university offers more than 60 specialized courses for both — computer science and finance. The Average cost of studying at MIT for international students ranges from 55,000 USD for Data Analytics to 77,000 for a masters in Finance.

Columbia University

Columbia University offers a series of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Management) eligible programs such as Master of Science in Financial Economics (MSFE). As of 2020, Columbia ranked #18 on QS world ranking and #17 according to Times Higher Education. The university’s career management centre keeps students well informed about the latest opportunities and research projects that they can take part in as a part of their curriculum.

Marketing and Finance courses offered by the institute have kept the university among the top choices for MS in USA.

Tuition fee for studying marketing in Columbia University ranges from 28,000 USD to 64,000 USD. While the annual tuition fee for a course in Finance goes up to 70,000 USD.

Looking for scholarships? We’ve got you covered! Unischolarz has a range of scholarships for both national and international students wanting to pursue their education. Partners like Axis Bank, HDFC Credila and ICICI Bank have joined forces to help you study in the university of your dreams!

University of California Los Angeles

UCLA is ranked #9 according to Times Higher Education and offers the best courses in Data Analytics, Computer Science and Marketing. The university offers approximately 4,000 courses including part-time and full-time. UCLA also offers grants and scholarships to students based on their academic performance such as achievements and ethnic backgrounds.

Which Visa Do I Need for a MS in the USA?

For international students pursuing academics at an accredited university would need to require an F Visa or M Visa. This is also applicable to students who are learning English at a university.

There are three types of F visas –

F-1 Visa for full-time students;

F-2 Visa for dependants of F-1 Visa holders; and

F-3 Visa for border commuters (Mexican and Canadian Students)

M Visa is applicable to students who are engaged in non-academic or vocational training courses. There are three types of M Visas

M-1 Visa for students engaged in non academic or vocational studies;

M-2 Visa for dependents of M-1 Visa holders;

M-3 Visa for border commuters (Mexican and Canadian Students) engages in non academic or vocational studies.

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