Eco-Friendly Student Products That Will Make Your Life Easier

Let us all agree upon the fact that sustainability is the need of the hour. From the toothbrushes that we use to the water bottles that we drink in, small attempts could be made by us towards contributing to the environment. After all, every effort counts, and every step forward makes a difference. In recent years, companies have responded to the need to be more sustainable by creating environmentally friendly products. So here’s a list of such eco-friendly student products that you should incorporate into your daily routines for a healthier and safer tomorrow.

List Of The Best Eco-Friendly Items For Students

Bamboo Toothbrushes For Sustainable Mornings

Imagine starting your mornings with a plastic toothbrush that may work well for you but is also secretly plotting against the environment with the plastic content that it has. Food for thought? Replace your plastic toothbrush with the bamboo ones that have charcoal bristles. These eco-friendly student products are only the start to a safer and more sustainable future but as I said, every little effort counts. So make sure you do your part well. There are non-charcoal bamboo toothbrushes available too. You can find them in many colours if a plain brown bamboo colour dulls your energetic morning moods.

Eco-friendly Student Products

Eco-Friendly Pens And Pencils

Yes. Those exist too. Keeping the environmental challenges in mind, several pen and pencil manufacturers are diverting from producing plastic ones to eco-friendly ones. Students like you require pens and pencils on a daily basis for various things: from taking down notes to making diagrams, to giving your signatures. Nowadays, eco-friendly student products come in the form of pens made from recycled materials, or mechanical pencils. Moreover, to promote the safety of the Earth further, some of these products are accompanied by seeds that can be planted once you use the pen/pencil. This initiative encourages students to take two steps forward: a) Using biodegradable products b) Planting a seed. These easy ways to go green are small steps that we can definitely take towards combating environmental threats.

Say Hello To Reusable Shopping Bags

Nowadays, reusable shopping bags come in several designs, both for boys and girls. As college students, we all do go shopping, whether it is for a party night, to get daily groceries, or for our college stationary. Eco-friendly student products in the form of reusable shopping bags that are guaranteed friends of nature. These bags can be bought at the top flea markets, grocery stores, or can even be procured via DIY videos available online. Unlike the plastic trash bags that endanger animal species and degrade the pure waters, these bags are no harm, so you lose nothing in shifting to them.

Eco-friendly student products

Have you heard of these sustainable eateries in London that strongly follow the Go Organic motto?

Sustainable Hydration Is A Thing

Ditching your plastic bottles for the stainless steel ones or the reusable non-plastic ones calls for appreciation. Hydration is important, but how you hydrate yourself matters too. A plastic bottle would obviously be a big no-no when compared to the non-plastic ones. Moreover, like other eco-friendly student products, stainless steel water bottles have their set of advantages in terms of keeping the water at the temperature you want it to be in. So in your list of eco-friendly products to buy for students, make sure you include these stainless steel bottles for your health as well as the environment’s health.

A Check On Your Phone Cases

Having a fancy phone case and all is great but have you ever tried eco-friendly phone cases? There are more mobile devices on Earth than people which means a staggering amount of plastic accessories that come along with the devices only to go to waste. And this automatically contributes to the degradation of the planet. Well, there’s a solution for that too. There are many sustainable and compostable phone cases today. These eco-friendly student products are available for both Android as well as iPhone cases. Eco-friendly is the new fancy and you’re going to be the trend-setters by adapting to these changes.

Eco-friendly student products

Straws Can Make A Difference Too

Plastic straws are everywhere; in our iced coffee, iced tea, and fountain drinks. Upon using these straws, there’s no use left of them, and disposing of the straw is the next best thing you can think of. It’s no secret then that they’re a threat to the environment or marine life. Alternatives made of stainless steel and glass have become more popular recently. These sustainable products for college students come in various sizes and can be put to many uses like they can be put in a key chain, purse, or backpack. You could even reuse them later on instead of having to discard them once used.

Thanks for reading this blog. Please let us know your experience using these eco-friendly student products.

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