Best Places To Study Abroad At Affordable Prices

4 min readOct 21, 2021


Image by Robert Bye from Unsplash

There appears to be a malicious idea going around that studying abroad is a privilege exclusively for the wealthy. If your college money is already strained, why even contemplate studying abroad? Who in their right mind would take on even more student debt? However, the truth is that studying abroad is only profitable!

With careful planning and financial knowledge, studying abroad can not only be more inexpensive than you ever imagined, but it can also be less expensive than taking classes at home for a semester or year. Switching out your university’s overpriced tuition and excessive college town housing fees for a low-cost study abroad programme might save you thousands of dollars. Saving ahead of time to cover a few unavoidable expenses, like airfare, will also help you achieve your foreign dream.

Well also, there are some great cheap places where you can study abroad. Let me list down some of them for you!

Oh and also! This is through the Time magazine list of top 50 cheapest countries so that is quite an assurance!


Spending a fraction of the cost for food, travel, and living expenses mean you’ll have a sizable savings account to spend on seeing the world-famous jungles and Inca ruins, which attract millions of foreign visitors each year. Avoid tourist traps if you want to save money then spend like a local. Prices are excessively inflated for uninformed people who value ease. Instead, enquire around for the best discounts on Machu Picchu or Cusco trips for locals.


Calculated customers enthusiastically participate in the traditional art of bargaining in the narrow, crowded lanes concealed amid bustling bazaars of Fez and Rabat. Knowing you got the greatest possible deal for your treasures is the telltale sign of a good day at the market. Written pricing is merely a suggestion, and any student studying French or Arabic in a foreign country would relish the opportunity to use their language abilities to bargain for their items.


Portugal is a match made in budget heaven for individuals with budget-minded study abroad options in Western Europe but doesn’t want to spend a fortune. Portugal, which is either a train ride or a cheap flight away from popular European attractions, is an excellent home base because practically everything is cheaper than in its neighbouring countries. Did we mention Portugal’s beautiful beaches, pleasant weather, and delectable cuisine?


Eastern Europe has earned a reputation for not only being a budget-friendly tourism destination but also for having some of the most affordable study abroad options. The capital city of Budapest, in particular, conjures up thoughts of the majestic Parliament building on the Danube’s banks and is home to the majority of Hungary’s study abroad programmes. Budapest, which is rich in history, vast, and attractive, has a fairly low cost of living compared to other major European cities.


While eating out is similar to the United States, the nation’s most appealing budgetary characteristic is its average rentals and bargain groceries. Rents are believed to be a third less expensive than in the United States, and a weekly trip to the store for healthful, high-quality products is inexpensive. Student discounts are widespread, and if you attend a public university, you may also be eligible for a free regional train and bus mobility card.


Hola, street food! Tacos, Aguas, fruit cocktails, Frescas, and pretty much any spicy dish your imagination can concoct could be had dirt cheap on almost any street corner in Mexico. Because of Mexico’s closeness to both Canada and the United States, travel (a significant portion of your study abroad budget) is less than a one-day journey to Japan. Mexico is a prime affordable study abroad location that is often overlooked because it is too nearby. With a low cost of living and endless opportunities to learn about rich, complex history, Mexico is a prime affordable study abroad destination that is often overlooked because it is too close to home.


The lovely coasts and ancient ruins of Greece will provide you with more contemplation than Aristotle and Socrates could have imagined. Greece’s financial crisis has significantly harmed the economy, making tourism and visitors an important source of revenue for the country’s main tourist sites. The dollar is anxiously awaited because food and other necessities are quite inexpensive in the countryside. Go all out for a low-cost study abroad experience in Greece!


The expense of living in Chile for study abroad students maybe even hotter than the country’s chilli pepper form. Chile offers a broad blend of vacation options for when you drop out of class on the weekend, with plenty of nature-loving activities, reasonable food, and lodgings. Visiting the isolated Easter Island, located 2,000 miles off the coast of Chile, or embarking on an Antarctic adventure is unquestionably more expensive than visits to local cities and national parks.




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